How to Choose ASP.NET Hosting Provider

Published: 22nd December 2011
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Web hosting services have increased in demand in recent times. These services allow anyone to have a website that is accessible to internet users around the world. Some use them to further a hobby and accomplish personal goals, while others are more interested in taking advantage to pursue business opportunities. Web hosting is indeed a diverse industry with solutions intended to fit a wide range of needs. And while there are many options up for grabs, shared hosting is what most customers decide on.

In this article I will discuss how to choose right ASP.NET hosting provider. ASP.NET web hosting has been getting the attentions from clients especially the massive new generations of .NET developers. ASP.NET hosting services have been rapidly grown its popularity over 40% of the hosting industry. As you can easily explore the public specification on the hosting company website, the article introduces the tips to check whether an ASP.NET hosting is good from its hidden details

1. Good provider always support the latest windows OS technology.

The best chooice for ASP.NET hosting is Windows 2008 certainly. Only Windows 2008 integrates with IIS 7.0 which can better support the .NET technology, E.G. ASP.NET MVC. Take an example, in IIS 6.0 you have to add the .mvc in the URL unless you specify wildcard mapping which is a killer to performance. If the hosting company doesn't introduce the specific Windows edition publicly, you should be careful on the decision.

2. Full Trust Level

You need to check if the provider support low trust, medium trust, or full trust level. Basically, shared hosting provider only offer low trust or medium trust support. But, with us we support Full Trust ASP.NET hosting which canít be found at another shared hosting provider.

3. Follow the latest .NET technology

You need to check if your hosting provider support the latest .NET Framework or not.

4. Control Panel

With the great Control Panel function, it will be more helpful for you. Good Control Panel will integrate each other so you donít always need to contact the Support Team if you need something to do. For me, Plesk is the best Control Panel and easy to use. Another option is DotNetPanel.

5. SQL Version

You need to check your hosting provider plan if their support SQL server or not. If their lowest plan is support MSSQL database, you donít need to spend more money to purchase an addon. And please check if they support the latest SQL version too. As I said, the good hosting provider always follow the latest technology.

6. Responsive Support

Support is one of the factors potential customers neglect to consider when searching for web hosting services. This is a critical mistake you cannot afford to make. One of the main reasons customer choose to leave their current host in favor of another is frustration that results from lackluster support. The best firms provide support on an around the clock, 24 hour basis, allowing you to obtain the help you need through channels such as toll-free phone, email, and live chat. You never know when something might go wrong, so put an emphasis on finding a shared web hosting solution that comes attached with responsive support.

7. Service Realibility

There are a number of factors that musts be considered when evaluating shared web hosting solutions, and reliability is the most important of them all. We have already touched on the potential performance and security issues to hint that this type of hosting is not as reliable as others. In order for your website to thrive in this environment, the host must use quality server hardware and have an infrastructure that is designed to keep your website up and running efficiently. Some of the companies that have given the shared web hosting sector a bad name are still out there. If you do not put a strong focus on reliability, you could run into them.

I would recommend you to find reliable shared hosting provider. The advertised unlimited disk space and bandwith is not TRUE. You need to think it wisely. It would better to spend more money to get reliable service than spend less money but you get frustrated with the service. So, if you need reliable ASP.NET hosting provider, please visit our site at If you have any question, please feel free to email us at

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